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XR Vic Families inspires parents, grandparents and carers to take action

XR Vic Families inspires parents, grandparents and carers to take action

By Extinction Rebellion Australia, on 5 September 2021

An in-person Father’s Day action had to be postponed, but XR Vic Families kept the pressure on the Federal Government by asking parents to record personal videos to Sussan Ley, the Environment Minister, and post them on her Facebook page.

The videos reminded the Minister that we haven’t forgotten:

  • that she argued in court she had NO duty of care to protect young people from the climate crisis
  • that she was told by the court she DID have a duty of care towards Australia’s school children
  • that Justice Bromberg described the inaction of this generation of adults as “… the greatest inter-generational INJUSTICE ever inflicted by one generation of humans upon the next”.

The videos and comments were posted into the comments section of announcements (those that weren’t dealing with critical public health issues) on the Minister’s Facebook page.

In this video compilation parents and family members addressed Sussan Ley, with these heartfelt personal statements:

Brad: Susan Ley, your government in the context of the terrorism debate was the first one to tell us that it’s the government’s primary responsibility to keep the people safe. Yet when it comes to the climate and ecological emergency, you’re trying to deny you have a dutt of care to the young people of this country. Now this is outrageous. And I ask you, what is the point of a government that doesn’t have a duty of care to its own people? There’s a social contract in play here. We obey the laws, we pay out taxes, and in exchange you take care of us. And you’re not taking care of us. So we’re not going to obey the laws, until you give in to Extinction Rebellion’s three key demands.

Ben: This November, I expect to become a father for the first time. So I’m asking you, in your capacity of Minister for the Environment to declare a climate emergency and accept that you have a duty of care to the child that I’m about to have, and to all future generations. The planet is in crisis and we need to act now. Laresa I’m the mother to a beautiful six year old boy. You recently argued in court that you do not have a duty of care when it comes to Australian school children and climate. I am disgusted that you have spent taxpayer money arguing such a ridiculous proposition. What is the purpose of politicians, if not to protect young people from harm? This Fathers Day, I’m asking you to take your portfolio seriously, declare a climate and ecological emergency and act on climate now.

David: I’m the father of a six year old child. It’s Father’s Day today but I really don’t feel like celebrating because I’m terrified for my child’s future. Just weeks ago, the court ordered that you had a duty of care to children in Australia, to protect them from the harms of climate change, and in the weeks after that, you approved an extension of a coal mine on Wollongong. This is absolute madness. And it also contravenes your duty of care, as you well know. It is unbelievable that you choose instead to challenge that ruling and to go against the future of our children in this country. I urge you now to drop that challenge and to take your duty of care seriously to my daughter and to all the children in this country.

Parent of two: It IS your duty of care for these kids and all kids, to act on climate change. This Father’s Day is the last one I want to be anxious for these children’s future; six-year-old and three-year old. They shouldn’t have to worry. It’s your duty, our duty to act now.

Bert’s Aunt: I need you to protect my little nephew Bert. You DO have a duty of care to ensure he has a liveable planet with CF clean air and a climate where he doesn’t have to fear and experience mega fires and adverse weather events. Please Susan, as a fellow woman, you need to engage in indigenous thinking where women plan seven generations into the future to make sure that everyone has a good future. You DO have a responsibility to keep us all safe. And they WILL pin the blame on you; I’m talking about your fellow MPs and well as the kids you’re planning to turn your back on. Please Susan, do the right thing.

John: My name is John, and I’m a grandfather. I have four grandchildren under the age of ten. I fear for their future. I was appalled when you argued in court in the Sharma case, that you had no duty of care towards Australian school children. Minister Ley, I call on you to drop your appeal against Justice Bromburg’s ruling, accept your duty of care and make all of your decisions in such a manner as to avoid causing personal harm to children. Please don’t fail us.

Alex: I am the proud father of two beautiful boys, both in primary school right now. On Father’s Day 2021, I call on you as Minister for the Environment to protect the environment that my children are going to grow up into – protect it from the number one threat to its stability. That is the carbon emissions that we produce right now and in the next five to ten years. The science is unequivocal. What we do right now matters. So please, do not claim in a public notice that the expansion of a coal mine which you approve will not contribute to global carbon emissions. Do not argue in the federal courts that you don’t have a duty of care to future generations, Instead, use your position to declare a climate emergency. Lead your government to develop a plan – a real plan – to lead this country, its workers, its industries and its families out of the looming crisis. On Fathers Day 2021 I urge you to reconsider what it means for someone in your position to act responsibly.

Nat: I’m the father of a six year old boy. I was shocked when you argued in court that you had no duty of care towards Australian school children. This Father’s Day, I’m calling on you to accept that you DO have a duty of care and declare a climate emergency for the sake of my child, and all the children of Australia.


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