Three demands

Citizens' Assemblies

Beyond Politics

Extinction Rebellion's third demand calls on governments to create a citizens' assembly on climate and ecological justice and be led by its decisions. Citizens' assemblies are a form of participatory-deliberative democracy with a focus on consensus-building.

  • In a citizens' assembly, a randomly selected group of people come together to reflect upon an issue of public concern and make policy decisions.
  • The aim is to bring together a cross-section of society.
  • Participants hear from experts and stake-holders, ask questions, deliberate on policy options and make recommendations that shape government responses.

Why have a Citizens' Assembly?

Watch this short video from Extinction Rebellion UK to find out why we need citizens' assemblies.

Citizens' Assemblies in Australia

Extinction Rebellion isn't alone in calling for citizens' assemblies.

Change Politics is not affiliated with Extinction Rebellion but is also promoting citizens' assemblies in Australia. They invite you to watch their videos and sign the petition.

Download the Guide

Extinction Rebellion Australia's Guide to Citizens' Assemblies explains:

  • what they are
  • how they work
  • and why we need assemblies at both State and Federal levels.

Guide to Citizens' Assemblies, PDF 7.6MB

Learn more

We're planning talks about Citizens' Assemblies. Have a look at the Events page of our site to find upcoming talks about a range of topics including Citizens' Assemblies.

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Spread the word

Looking for resources to help explain the third demand?

Explore our Citizens' Assemblies Arts Pack to find:

  • designs for badges, banners, stencils and posters
  • tips and resources for outreach stalls.

Citizens' Assemblies Arts Pack, online folder