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Five WA homes raided and six Rebels arrested for anti-Woodside spray chalk

Five WA homes raided and six Rebels arrested for anti-Woodside spray chalk

By Extinction Rebellion Australia, on 25 August 2021

It’s been a busy fortnight for XRWA, with five homes raided and six Extinction Rebellion WA members arrested at their homes by the WA Government counter-terrorism unit.

The raids and arrests were in response to a bridge being chalked with anti-Woodside slogans. The messages targeted the Scarborough Gas project, a proposed fossil fuel development that would raise WA's emissions further above acceptable levels. Read more

Those arrested cannot legally associate with each other and are facing huge fines.

One of the rebels arrested, Carmen Stobaus, had this to say:

 “I’m not discouraged by these attempts to scare people out of holding Woodside accountable for their complete disregard for life.”

To continue protesting Woodside and this huge abuse of power, rebels, including the XRWA Grandparents and the Drummers for Climate Action met outside Woodside for more chalking a couple of days after the arrests were made. Police only issued move on notices; it would appear chalking is no longer an arrestable offence.

XRWA Grandparents and Drummers for Climate Action outside Woodside

Miles-Tweedie Photography

To help support the rebels who were arrested and had their homes raided, please donate to this Chuffed page to collect funds for legal defence:

We call all rebels, both those actively involved and long-time spectators, to come to our upcoming series of actions in September. These arrests and anti-association bail conditions have impacted our capacity to organise; we need you more than ever!

 XRWA local groups are organising actions outside Woodside and Parliament House. Individuals may chalk the spaces with slogans of ‘Stop New Gas’ and ‘Join Extinction Rebellion’. The first action will be taking place on Thursday 2nd September at 11:30am outside Woodside. 



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