Rebel for Life

13 to 16 March 2024

Naarm / Melbourne

  • Rebels in the rain at Flinders Street. A display of mass civil disobedience. Credit: Danielle Judd

Floods, fires, melting ice caps and record temperatures. Scientists warn we are entering the danger zone for runaway warming and societal collapse!

It's a Code Red for humanity. Governments must declare a climate emergency, take action to halt the warming, and begin the enormous task of climate repair. Our government must act on their duty of care to protect us and preserve a liveable planet for our children.

Thanks for joining us in March

We're still calling on governments to take action now.

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– We called on the government to declare a climate emergency

Rebels on truck on Westgate Bridge with giant XR banner 'Declare a climate emergency'.

In a protest that hit the headlines, three Extinction Rebellion activists were arrested after blocking several lanes at the centre of the Westgate Bridge in Melbourne. The banners draped over the truck read, "Climate breakdown has begun" and "Declare a climate emergency".

Crown Prosecutors succeeded getting sentences increased.

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– Civil disobedience in Melbourne's CBD sounded the alarm on the climate emergency

Mass Civil Disobedience at Flinders Street intersection 16 March 2024

XR Vic's Rebel for Life campaign saw slow marches disrupting traffic in the city centre and on St Kilda Road, theatrical events and a mass sit-in outside Flinders St Station.

There is greater awareness that we are entering the danger zone for runaway warming and societal collapse. We're still calling on governments to take action.

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Declare a climate and ecological emergency banner

Money also helps

We are all volunteers and do this for love of life. We can make a few dollars go a long way but what you see on your television screens didn't happen without some expense.

Flyers get the word out, art materials make the rebellion beautiful and huge banners make the message visible. We hired a hall to run workshops, fed hungry rebels and built a strong community. Because the fight is not over and we need to keep going.

Please donate as little or as much as you can to help us meet our expenses (if you can).


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