• Rebels in the rain at Flinders Street. A display of mass civil disobedience. Credit: Danielle Judd
  • Blinky Slow March December Rebellion 2023 Credit: Danielle Judd

Rebel for Life

13 to 16 March 2024

Naarm / Melbourne

Floods, fires, melting ice caps and record temperatures. Scientists warn we are entering the danger zone for runaway warming and societal collapse!

It's a Code Red for humanity. Governments must declare a climate emergency, take action to halt the warming, and begin the enormous task of climate repair. Our government must act on their duty of care to protect us and preserve a liveable planet for our children.

It's time for ordinary people to rise up and prevent the greatest crime in all of history. It's time for mass civil disobedience. We've tried everything else. It's time to rebel.

Rebel for life. Join us!

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