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The XR Australia website https://ausrebellion.earth/ is an important way for XR to communicate to anyone looking to find out more information and/or join the rebellion.

 The site is a static CMS (NetlifyCMS) integrated with NextJS, and using Typescript. Code and content changes are published directly from a GitLab repository.

 You will coordinate with other volunteers, but mainly work in your own time, whenever you are available. The role includes responding to help requests from Website Editors, troubleshooting and responding to a variety of issue tickets in GitLab.

 Hours per week are flexible: do a couple of hours on a weekly basis, or knock out a chunk. Whatever suits.

 If you'd like to have a chat about the team, the work and the role, please contact the Website Working Group at xrauswebsite@protonmail.com.

Contact XRAusWebsite@protonmail.com

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