Tell Woodside The Show's Over

Tell Woodside The Show's Over

Extinction Rebellion Australia, 10 July 2023

XR WA rebels took action at Perth Concert Hall at the weekend to protest the principal sponsorship arrangement between Woodside Energy and WA Youth Orchestra (WAYO).

Their message was projected onto the steps of the Perth Concert Hall so that every parent and performer entering the venue could see the reality of what a sponsorship with Woodside means for their children and for all future generations.

XR WA rebels spoke with parents and performers who are concerned about the relationship between WAYO and Woodside. Employees of WAYO and the Perth Concert Hall acknowledged that they are not happy to see a Woodside logo on their Youth Orchestra. They understand the hypocricy of Woodside saying they care about the future of our young people, while simultaneously destroying it.

Woodside are using the WA Youth Orchestra to protect themselves from scrutiny and criticism because they know the attachment the community has to the Arts, and that parents would love to see their children fulfil their dreams of becoming an artist.

People are scared to pull the sponsorship arrangement with Woodside because they are afraid for the future of the WA Youth Orchestra. If Woodside really cared about the arts they could fund the WA Youth Orchestra without plastering their logo all over concert brochures.

page from a concert program next to an XR flyer about Wodside
XR WA tell the truth about what's really on the concert program

If Woodside was taxed properly, there'd be no shortage of money for WA Arts. If the government stopped wasting taxpayer money on fossil fuel projects which destroy the planet for all future generations, they could easily fund the WA Youth Orchestra.

We will not stop until we see an end to fossil fuel sponsorships, an end to fossil fuel companies like Woodside paying for a social license by exploiting our beloved cultural events, and an end to the system of global corruption that allows companies like Woodside to exist and profit from ecocide.

Stand with us, stand with the WA Youth Orchestra and tell Woodside THE SHOW'S OVER.

XR WA rebels earlier this year
XR WA rebels earlier this year

Our political system is not set up to allow for the type of huge broadscale changes that must occur to save us, in the time we have left before the destruction becomes irreversible and catastrophic. It's very important there are some politicians trying to change things from within and we absolutely need them, but we also need a massive people's movement to persuade those in power that they must stop business as usual and follow the science to protect us.

To get to that massive people's movement we need lots of people to take a leap of faith, step out of their comfort zones and come do what they can. When people see other people acting, they get encouraged and inspired that they can do that too. From little things big things grow - we'd love you to join us!

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