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Rebel Reader: News about Australia’s Climate Emergency

Rebel Reader: News about Australia’s Climate Emergency

By XR Aus, on 14 May 2019

In the lead up to the federal election, there’s been plenty of focus on the climate emergency we face in Australia – and globally. Here are some of the stories that have caught our eye.

Australians overwhelmingly agree climate emergency is nation’s No 1 threat

“New polling from a respected foreign policy thinktank underscores the point that 2019 is the climate change election, with a majority of Australians saying global warming is a critical threat.

The poll undertaken for Lowy says 64% of adults rank climate change number one on a list of 12 threats to Australia’s national interests, up six points from last year’s survey and a jump of 18 points since 2014.

The 2019 result is the first time climate has topped the list of threats since Lowy began the research in 2006.”

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A message to our Government: Now is the time for decisive climate action

Cartoon by Mark David / @mdavidcartoons: "the good news is, you're less likely to die in a cold snap.

“Extinction Rebellion is right to make their first demand that our governments tell the truth about the climate emergency. Telling the truth means more than just acknowledging facts, although that would be a good start. It means educating people on what the repercussions of those facts really mean.

Climate change is not like Lord Voldemort. It won’t come any faster if we name it. We must speak truth to power, but before that, power must speak truth to us.

Let’s tell the truth. Take a moment to accept the future we are facing. Then let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work.”

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Sydney Harbour Bridge used by Greenpeace activists to protest climate change

NSW police have arrested 13 people after removing Greenpeace climate change protesters hanging off the Sydney Harbour Bridge this morning.

“Rural and regional Australian families have borne the brunt of climate impacts so far in this country,” Greenpeace Australia Pacific chief executive David Ritter said.

“Burning coal is the number one cause of climate change in Australia — we’re here to say ‘no more’.”

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