Extinction Rebellion

Operation Time’s Up! Melbourne Die-In

Operation Time’s Up! Melbourne Die-In

By XR Aus, on 28 April 2019

This Saturday (27th April) at midday, Extinction Rebellion Victoria staged a mass die-in on the front steps of Flinders Street Station in Melbourne. This was in solidarity with countless other die-in’s happening internationally.

At least 100 people showed up for the action, and a giant bug (sporting a ‘we’re bug-gered’ sign, and shining light on the huge loss of insect life over the last decade) joined in, too. Besides from the die-in, there was music, poetry, and other symbolic performance art throughout the event; all with the aim to illustrate the dire situation we face in Australia, and globally.

There was a respectful police presence, and no arrests were made. This was a non-violent demonstration.

Why are we staging actions like these?

Climate change presents us with one of the biggest global disasters in history. Our ecosystem is threatened by collapse, which will not only lead to mass extinction of countless species, the loss of soil fertility and more extreme weather, but will also bring with it the social crises of famine, war and migration.

Individual lifestyle changes are not enough. We need our governments to take their responsibilities seriously in order to ensure a future worth living to the inhabitants of our world.

Therefore, we have entered into rebellion, to reclaim what is due: truth telling, action and transparency from the government on the imminence of global climate collapse. Since last autumn, groups all over the world have been organising non-violent rebellion acts to draw attention to the climate collapse and to address political inaction.