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National Newsletter #2

National Newsletter #2

By National Newsletter Working Group, on 5 October 2020

Waves of action and a Dead Sea march in Hobart.



China this week announced that it will reach net zero emissions by 2060, a huge shift for a country that is still rapidly developing. Europe is heading in the same direction.

These incremental responses condemn us to unimaginable loss, and yet Australia still lags behind. Mainstream environment groups are treading softly, accepting net zero emissions by 2050 as the goal. We cannot allow this.

In the face of yet another gas project getting the green light, the school strikers showed the way last week, mobilising in over 600 actions against gas and for green recovery. Thousands of rebels across the country have built on that momentum.

The range of tactics displayed in those actions are an important reminder we need to be pushing and reaching in many directions. Sounding the alarm, targeting the forces that uphold this toxic system, and reaching out to build the inclusive and powerful movement we need.

Let’s keep it up.

Love and rage.

Australian Mass Mobilisation

Wave 1 actions took off last week - details in the state updates below. The next Civil Disobedience Saturday is November 7. What’s it all about? Mass mobilisation is the plan to get thousands of XR groups across the country engaging in civil disobedience and ready to shut down the capital cities when the time is right. Come to the Q&A session on October 15.

The Australian Mass Mobilisation Project wants you to get involved by planning an action with your local or affinity group! Find out more.

SS4C National Day of Anti-Gas Action

The school strikers killed it last week. Covid-safe and coordinated, for big effect. With 630 actions they achieved 552 newspaper and online stories, and 304 radio and TV stories.

Check out their wrap-up video. And XR Grey Power Vic's video in support.


  • All upcoming events here.
  • Some helpful action resources. So far includes three packs: Gas, Banks, and The Murray Darling Basin.
  • Victorian rebels: some updates in lieu of our state newsletter.

State Updates

Australian Capital Territory

WE WANT TO LIVE is part of our new messaging kit – and ACT rebels put it to work with a mock funeral procession and die-in at Kingston. They made it clear that we need our governments to choose life and take immediate action on the climate crisis. We know that gas is a dangerous fossil fuel that will turbocharge the climate crisis, so we demand governments Tell the Truth and Act Now to ensure zero emissions by 2025.

To get involved in the ACT, email xr-act-admin@protonmail.com.



Hundreds of rebels turned out in Hobart on Saturday, with 25 arrests, to call for urgent government action on the climate and ecological emergency. More great photos here.

"This week we are highlighting just one of the catastrophes that the climate crisis is inflicting upon us – the collapse of our ocean ecosystems… Tasmanians have little awareness of how endangered [their ocean environment] is by global warming… How many arrests will it take for you to do your job?"

From their recent declaration of escalating rebellion, read in full.


Two XR Brisbane groups have kicked off this weekend with brief roadblocks in Kenmore and Fairfield. Watch the video here.

The groups halted inbound peak-hour traffic on major roads to disrupt business as usual and force the government to concede power to a Citizens' Assembly that would make binding decisions on how we transition to net zero greenhouse gas emissions and halt biodiversity loss by 2025. Email xr_qld@protonmail.com to get involved.

Western Australia

There are few affinity groups in Western Australia which inspire us quite like the XR Grandparents. Thirty rebel grandparents paid a visit to the Chevron offices in Perth, with four gluing themselves inside the gas giant’s windows and six grandparents being arrested.

Les Harrison, retired psychologist, said, “There is no time, nor need, for a gas-led transition to renewables. The technology and resources needed for a green recovery are already available... I don’t want to die not knowing whether the earth will survive, or without knowing that my beloved grandchildren are going to be safe.” Follow XRWA Grandparents on Facebook.

Find your local group and get involved here. If you’re keen to submit some content for the National News, slide in to @adendate’s DMs on Mattermost.

South Australia

XR’s third principle is that we need a regenerative culture. We wish it for the world, and try to embody it in our own practices. Veterans of movements know that activist mental health is often overlooked and that neglecting this is detrimental to the health of the entire movement. For this reason, South Australia is taking a regenerative pause from September 28 until October 9.


While Melbourne continues in lockdown, our rural rebels did us proud!

Hundreds of Gippsland rebels protested about the lack of action by local members Darren Chester and Russell Broadbent on the climate emergency, gathering across 40 towns and beaches. Masked rebels from North East Victoria protested on bikes, staged a parade of red rebels, and laid out their shoes in front of the Beechworth post office.

If you want to get involved email xrmelbintegration@protonmail.​com. More general VIC news here.

New South Wales

In support of SS4C, the Sybil Disobedients from XR Wingecarribee led a funeral procession, disrupting busy long-weekend traffic, meeting former Federal Liberal leader John Hewson along the way in their anti-gas parade. Watch the spectacle.

Up for some other action? Check out XR Blue Mountains and XR Northern Rivers. Sydney’s first 2020 Rebellion is only days away, too. If you want to get down with the action from October 10-18, fill out this participation form and they’ll help ensure everyone’s Covid-safe. Check out these Taree rebels doing their first roadblock action.

Northern Territory

Are you a rebel in the Northern Territory? We’d love to hear what you’re up to so we can share it with the rest of the country! Contact Nat-Media on Mattermost or email aden.date@gmail.com to have content featured here. 📣

Talks and Training

Calendar here.

New? Come to a Heading For Extinction talk online:

Help Needed

We’re always looking for more people to help with the rebellion. Whatever your skill set or desires, there's a role for you. Email: xrmelbintegration@protonmail.com and someone from the Welcoming crew will call or email you for a chat.

We really appreciate donations – as big or small as you can afford – to help us provide resources, mass mobilise and pay litigation costs for rebels in the legal system. Depending on your state, you can donate at one of the buttons below.

Thanks for reading :)

With love and rage,

Extinction Rebellion Australia