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Catch up: XR Aus so far

Catch up: XR Aus so far

By XR Aus, on 23 March 2019

XR Australia has been growing in momentum as a movement since late 2018. In the time since then, we’ve amassed plenty of support, and are getting organised in a decentralised, autonomous way.

We’ve been working in tandem with the international Extinction Rebellion movement towards a month of full scale action (April 2019).

Our blog is fairly new, but we’ve been up to a lot since last year. Let’s play catch up:

Photograph of a woman holding up a “Tell The Truth” placard, in front of the Herald Sun offices

Herald Sun, Tell the Truth!

On the 26th of February XR Melbourne paid a visit to the headquarters of the Herald and Weekly Times. We delivered a letter calling on them to report on the climate emergency truthfully and with proportionate urgency. We were promised the letter would be sent on to their CEO in Sydney. We await their response to our request for a meeting with interest. If a response is not received we will be following up in a suitably rebellious fashion.

Photograph of activists participating in a die-in at QV shopping center, where they’re lying down in the shape of the extinction symbol

Melbourne Die-ins

Our first big public action took place on the 5th of March at Melbourne Central shopping center and at the QV shopping center. We had the support of the Melbourne Climate Choir who learned two new Extinction Rebellion songs especially for the occasion. There was a good crowd of us, with at least 50 people turning up to participate.\ \ The police and shopping center security did not cause any problems, but were fine to let us go ahead and do our thing without interference. This is a relatively simple action for beginners to try out and we plan to be doing more of this kind of thing, escalating over time. Check out the video of the die in, here.

School Strike for Climate

The School Strike for Climate is an international movement of school students who strike from school in order to protest and demand Governments take stronger action on the climate emergency. On the 15th of March, the School Strike for Climate went global. Hundreds of thousands of people (students, and the adults who support them) showed up for protests in 130 countries.\ \ People from XR attended School Strikes across Australia. We’re incredibly inspired by these kids, and how much attention they’ve drawn to the climate emergency we face.

Photograph of activists in costume as the “Climate Angels” leading a group of activists through Treasury Gardens

Declaration Day

On the 22nd of March, XR Australia held Declarations in multiple cities across Australia. The day acted as the launch event for Extinction Rebellion in Australia. In Melbourne, we assembled in Treasury Gardens. There were compelling speeches, some entertainment and plenty of crowd interaction. We were joined by the Climate Guardians who helped to present Extinction Rebellion’s demands to the government.

Photographs of activists participating in blockade actions around the proposed site of the Adani mine

#StopAdani Rebels!

We couldn’t be prouder of the XR rebels who dedicated themselves to stopping Adani in QLD. Through their direct efforts, they shut down train lines to Abbott Point coal port for 72 hours. Many have been arrested and their court dates will be coming up in Bowen in May. Get in contact with us about how to support them.

Photograph of XR NSW activists posing for a photograph in front of a banner that reads: “Rebel for life”

Meetings and organisation

Behind the scenes, XR movements in most states in Australia have been building up. Introductions to the movement, as well as meetings, take place regularly. Dedicated teams have formed and are already fully autonomous, well organised components of the movement as a whole. We’re always looking for more people to join our meetings, and teams, so make sure to sign up to join the rebellion to find out about our upcoming events and meet ups.

Do you believe our Government isn’t doing enough in the face of climate emergency? Scared of the implications of an ever warming world and think we can do better?\ \ Civil disobedience works – Join the rebellion.