ANZ refuses to be a good corporate citizen in a climate crisis

ANZ refuses to be a good corporate citizen in a climate crisis

Extinction Rebellion Australia, 29 Mar 2024

Two XR Tas rebels were arrested this week inside the Launceston ANZ Bank. Dr Scott Bell and Rev Jeff McKinnon have been conducting nonviolent, non-disruptive protests against the ANZ bank’s funding of fossil fuel projects.

XR Northern Tasmania's campaign has now covered all four of the major banks in Launceston, with arrests in each one. After the action at the Launceston ANZ Bank, Scott and Jeff were released with a simple charge of trespass, and no bail conditions.

XR Tas has targeted all federal politicians in the area, firstly with a request for information on policy, then a meeting. The next step has been a visit to the office of the federal politicians, resulting in arrests.

Scott said: "The major risk is from continued global warming because of rising emissions from ongoing use of oil, coal and gas to provide our energy needs. The renewable alternative energy sources of solar and wind need to quickly replace reliance on fossil fuels."

protesters with placards outside the ANZ bank

Jeff added, "We are here today to help ANZ Bank customers and staff realise that their bank is not working in the best interests of them, nor in the best interests of all Australians.

"Both the science and the economics are clear – the future must be in renewable energy. The global community, including many corporations, are now rapidly moving away from fossil fuel projects."

The two men believe more insurance companies, private investors and banks can help this transition by further reducing their financial support to the fossil fuel industry.

In Australia, of our four major banks, ANZ is the largest lender to new oil, gas and coal projects.

In 2022 the ANZ Bank provided $2.6 billion to expand fossil fuel projects. Overall, since 2016 ANZ has provided $18.6 billion to develop fossil fuels production.

protesters with a fossil fuel monster in a Launceston street

Recently the Secretary General of the United Nations called on Australia to end all funding of new oil and gas projects, cease all licensing of new oil and gas reserves and phase down existing oil and gas production.

In 2023 the ANZ Bank provided $1.7 Million through its Community Grants Program. This is commendable. (Source: ANZ website)

Yet in 2022 the ANZ Bank, the largest funder of fossil fuels of our four major Australian Banks, provided $2.6 Billion to expand fossil fuel projects. This is over 1,500 times more than the 2023 Community Grants Program.

Overall, since 2016 ANZ has provided $18.6 Billion to develop fossil fuels. (Sources: and

By continuing to provide billions for fossil fuel projects, the ANZ bank is out of step with other major banks and much of the rest of the world. The ANZ bank is robbing our children of their future!