Extinction Rebellion

Website Developer

Website Developer

By Website Working Group (National), on 24 February 2022

PurposeJoin a team of devs working on the rebuild of https://ausrebellion.earth/
Working GroupWebsite Working Group (National)
Hours Per Week 2-30
Contact xraus.website@protonmail.com

The XR Australia website, https://ausrebellion.earth/, is an important piece of communication for anyone looking to find out more information and/or join the rebellion.

We've completed IA, copy and design and are underway with the build.\ With two amazing devs already on the project, you'd be working on individual tasks from an existing code base. With people to guide you, should you want that.

Built in React and next.js. Written mainly in typrescript. Runs on node.js. Managing content in netlify CMS.

We have a readme with further details including development approach and project structure.

The reason for the request is simply to get the website built and live as soon as we can.

Hours per week are flexible: do a couple of hours on a weekly basis, or knock out a chunk. Whatever suits.

We have regular project WIPs once or twice a week, depending what the devs want, a PM and a project lead. The website working group has a team meeting once a week (friday lunchtime) if you'd like to get to know the broader team, though thats not essential.

If you'd like to have a chat about the team, the work and the role, please drop an email to the above email address. 

Have a great day.