Extinction Rebellion



By Website Working Group (National), on 4 June 2021

Purpose We're migrating and redesigning the Extinction Rebellion Australia website https://ausrebellion.earth/ And we're looking for a lead designer and team to drive user-centric design, work on IA, produce layouts and assets for an improved XRAus website.
Working GroupWebsite Working Group
Hours Per Week 2 - 10
Contact xraus.website@protonmail.com

You'll be working on tasks such as :

  • Become familiar with website migration and redesign project, working in a team of existing researchers and developers
  • Input into decision on new CMS
  • Participate in discussions around proposed website messaging and functionality, sourced from website working group research and inputs from XRAus
  • Work with accessibility requirements as defined by XRAus
  • Collaborate with developers on design approach
  • Produce page layouts / assets as required for migration of existing site to new CMS
  • Produce or input into information architecture (site map and wireframes) for site redesign
  • Produce a range of visual design options to suit the sight requirements
  • Produce master page layouts for site redesign
  • Review and consider feedback from XR, offering solutions / rationale for design decisions
  • Compile asset library

We're not going to ask for more than you can give, and suggest coming and meeting the team at a few of our weekly online meetings to get a feel for us and the project, before deciding whether and how you'd like to be involved.

Drop us an email at the above address to find out more.