The ‘Climate Emergency’ trend

Climate emergency' seems to be a bit of the buzz phrase of the year, but is there actually any meaning behind the words, and will they serve their intended purpose? In the last couple of weeks, we have started seeing countries declaring climate emergencies, with the...

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Rebel Reader: News about Australia’s Climate Emergency

In the lead up to the federal election, there's been plenty of focus on the climate emergency we face in Australia - and globally. Here are some of the stories that have caught our eye. Australians overwhelmingly agree climate emergency is nation's No 1 threat "New...

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Operation Time’s Up! Melbourne Die-In

This Saturday (27th April) at midday, Extinction Rebellion Victoria staged a mass die-in on the front steps of Flinders Street Station in Melbourne. This was in solidarity with countless other die-in's happening internationally. At least 100 people showed up for the...

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International Rebellion: First Week in Australia

Day one: Monday (15 April) Australia's week of international rebellion began with a traffic disruption in Melbourne at 7:30am. A six lane road was blocked intermittently over a period of an hour by about 30 rebels. The traffic blockade allowed bicycles to get a free...

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Catch up: XR Aus so far

XR Australia has been growing in momentum as a movement since late 2018. In the time since then, we've amassed plenty of support, and are getting organised in a decentralised, autonomous way. We've been working in tandem with the international Extinction Rebellion...

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Declaration Day: XR Australia’s Demands

On March 22, XR Australia mobilised across the nation and made our presence, and our demands known. In Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide (to name a few) we declared that we will rebel until our demands are met. Here are those demands: WE CALL ON THE AUSTRALIAN...

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