Operation Time’s Up! Melbourne Die-In

This Saturday (27th April) at midday, Extinction Rebellion Victoria staged a mass die-in on the front steps of Flinders Street Station in Melbourne. This was in solidarity with countless other die-in's happening internationally. At least 100 people showed up for the...

International Rebellion: First Week in Australia

Day one: Monday (15 April) Australia's week of international rebellion began with a traffic disruption in Melbourne at 7:30am. A six lane road was blocked intermittently over a period of an hour by about 30 rebels. The traffic blockade allowed bicycles to get a free...

We are in the middle of an Ecological crisis.
Our course is set for mass species extinction, and societal collapse.
Our future looks bleak and our children are not safe.

Change to avert the worst of the disaster is still technically and economically possible.
It involves envisioning and building a world which is ecologically and socially just.

This is an emergency situation – action is urgent.

Our Government isn’t acting in accordance with what science and history tells us.
Therefore our Government is criminally negligent.

We have a moral duty to rebel, whatever our politics.
History shows us that peaceful civil disobedience is an effective way to bring about change.

Our lives have meaning when we follow our conscience and fight to protect what we love.
We ask others who feel the same way to join our peaceful Rebellion.

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