Extinction Rebellion

National Newsletter #1

National Newsletter #1

By National Newsletter Working Group, on 20 September 2020

A warm welcome to our first national newsletter. An exciting and comforting sense of unity, we hope, in terrifying times.

Not This

Dear rebels,

A warm welcome to our first national newsletter. An exciting and comforting sense of unity, we hope, in terrifying times.

Watching as firestorms consume the west coast of America, our horror is only amplified by familiarity. Horror that climate and ecological devastation is already upon us. That it could be this bad, this soon – and that none of it makes a difference to our leaders.

As America burns, our conservative government announces that if the market won’t invest in gas, they will.

We know the money we spend on this recovery represents our last meaningful chance to do our bit. We know the stakes.

And we know the majority are with us. They just need to see more from us. More of our courage, more of the love and hope it embodies.

Lots of brilliant examples of that courage from across the country, and ways to get involved, below.

We are needed.

Love and rage.

School Strike 4 Climate

This Friday (September 25) is a national day of action protesting our government’s destructive obsession with gas, called by the school strikers.

Over 250 actions have been registered in towns and suburbs across Australia. Register on the map so politicians see how many actions are happening!

Here's the starter pack from SS4C and here’s our own Gas Campaign Pack. There’s still time to plan something, could be as simple as making a sign and holding it somewhere public.


  • Find all upcoming events here.
  • Our Australian Mass Mobilisation project lays out a plan for an upcoming coordinated rebellion. Find out more and how to get involved here. If you'd like a mobiliser to support you to start or reinvigorate a group in your area go here.
  • Powerful summary video of the recent September Rebellion in the UK.
  • We Want To Live video here.
  • If you’ve recently joined us, check out our talks section for an upcoming intro talk.

State Updates

New South Wales

Rebels from around New South Wales called on News Corp to Quit the Bullshit and Tell the Truth as part of a coordinated series of actions across 4 states. Newcastle rebels have been culture hacking through covert chalking. They remind us that business as usual is over but another world is possible.

Take over Sydney and demand No Going Back from October 11. Details here. XR Eurobodalla SS4C solidarity action on September 25, more here.

Rebels, email lyrebird2@protonmail.com if you’d like to submit a story or help co-write NSW content in future newsletters.

Western Australia

Actions have been plotted, planned and hatched all around Western Australia’s thriving local group scene this week. In Fremantle, 120 meddling rebels with pedals took to the streets in raucous solidarity. Rebels, rebel kids and rebel grandparents were all present and outrageous. The newly minted Western Suburbs group recently did its first public banner drop!

Find your local group and get involved here. If you’re keen to submit some content for the National News, slide in to @adendate’s DMs on Mattermost.

South Australia

An all-star cast of SA rebels brought theatre to the streets. Featuring Rupert Murdoch, his fossil fuel chums, and rebels covered in oil. Rebels were chained together holding signs depicting truths held captive by the billionaire's media empire. Free the Truth was spray chalked behind them on News Corp's Advertiser building. Watch the livestream here.

A second act was held in Rundle Mall as rebels carried banners depicting extreme weather disasters driven by the climate crisis. The closing act featured rebels dressed as koalas with a map of the world surrounded by fire. ★★★★★ "Shocking" - Adelaide Theatre Guide.

To get involved, come to an upcoming DNA/Induction training. Additional training sessions will be made available soon on our website.


As Victoria enters our eleventh week of lockdown, we’re envious of other rebels around Australia. We want to be out there with you – protesting Murdoch’s bullshit and Morrison’s gas-led recovery. But even inside our homes, and in small ways, we are rebelling.

XR Mornington Peninsula have created a virtual ‘Spoonville’ protest called Ex-sink-tion Rebellion, while XR North East Vic and XR Gippsland are planning covid-safe actions on October 3.

Email xrmelbintegration@protonmail.com to get involved. Local group meeting calendar here.

Australian Capital Territory

As politicians returned to parliament, groovy ACT rebels sang and danced to ‘Stayin Alive’ to remind them that we’re still facing a global climate emergency. For National Science Week, rebels wrote 'Act Now' on federal parliament lawns – an action visible from space! Footage here.

In support of SS4C this Friday, join the joyful 'Discobedience' dancers and singers - details here. And on October 3 join a mourning ceremony in Kingston. RSVP to get more info. In-person intro talk on September 29.

To get involved with XR ACT more generally, email xr-act-admin@protonmail.com.


As Queensland heats up, rebels are on the streets and joining up new rebels to the cause. As part of the News Corp action, Brisbane rebels staged a mock spelling bee to highlight the $345k given to News Corp for a spelling bee that never happened, and created a blockade to the printing press. There were also banners dropped all over the city, and Grey Power are trying to overturn a ban on Extinction Rebellion from booking library rooms in the city.

If you want to get involved, XR Brisbane/Meanjin have an introduction to XR meeting coming up on September 30, followed straight after by their General Meeting. Or contact xr.rob@protonmail.com


On September 4, as part of nationwide actions against the News Corp empire, rebels disrupted the office foyer of the Mercury with bad live music to mimic the trash that comes from the corporate media instead of reporting the climate and ecological emergency. Here's an article on the action with a cute video.

Dead Sea March action coming up in Hobart on October 3.

Northern Territory

Are you a rebel in the Northern Territory? We’d love to hear what you’re up to so we can share it with the rest of the country! Contact Nat-Media on Mattermost or email aden.date@gmail.com to have content featured here. 📣​​

Talks and Training

Calendar here.

New to XR or feel like a refresher on the basics?

Come to a Heading For Extinction Talk online.

Meet a Rebel - Peter

I am an engineer, avocado farmer and bee keeper, part of the NSW XR MidCoast group. We have done some pretty colourful things so far!

There were hundreds of people at our actions this time last year. In 2020 it dropped to about 10; so many had lost their farms in the fires. I lost over half my honey business. Then Covid.

During lockdown I have been working with other groups all over Australia to build towards mass, coordinated mobilisation. September 5 in Taree, rural, very conservative, blocking traffic was the precursor. Watch out! Mass civil disobedience, across the country, Saturdays!

We have to break the law. The ‘Emergency Defence’ means that you can drive the car to the hospital, even without a licence, if it is to save a life. So, when your government has been overtaken by a coal mining lobby, that is an emergency; it's threatening lives – life in general.

I have three little kids. I am NOT going to let this happen to them, to the world's future generations. I am fully prepared to get arrested. It's contagious! If someone sees me do it, then they may decide they can too, and together we are unarrestable. That is how change happens, and our three demands will be met.

Breaking the law is right if the law is wrong.

Help Needed

We’re always looking for more people to help with the rebellion. Whatever your skill set or desires, there's a role for you. Email: xrmelbintegration@protonmail.com and someone from the Welcoming crew will call or email you for a chat.​

We really appreciate donations - as big or small as you can afford - to help us provide resources, mass mobilise and pay litigation costs for rebels in the legal system. Depending on your state, you can donate at one of the buttons below.

Thanks for reading :)

With love and rage,

Extinction Rebellion Australia