Extinction Rebellion

Rebels, it’s time to reclaim the streets using art to TELL THE TRUTH and spread messages of hope and kindness in our communities.

What is Paint the Streets?

From 20 May, the streets of Australia will come alive with Extinction Rebellion heart, soul and mind... in a riot of colour! 

We’ve been busy during lockdown: making posters, stickers and stencils; building our art kits for pavement chalking, origami boats, murals and paintings. Now, we’re ready to cover the streets and cyberspace with messages of love for people and the planet, but also rage and rebellion against inaction in the climate and ecological emergency. 

The pandemic has proven we can work together to build a better world. There can be no going back to the old normal. A better world is possible!

How to get involved

Use art to make your mark on your local street, park, supermarket car park, library... wherever! Spread your message on social media by documenting your actions with photos and videos using #PaintTheStreets.


Learn how to make stencils here or here, or join our Sunday Stencil Art Sessions (sign up to the mailing list for updates).


Download some posters and put them up in your community OR make your own!

Poster: Change is NowPoster: Non-Violent


Evoke your inner child with some pavement or wall art. Learn how to make spray chalk here.


Plaster a few XR stickers on your daily walk or when you’re heading to the shops.

Origami boats

Watch the tutorial to pay homage to XR’s pink TELL THE TRUTH boat by making origami boats in its image to hang from trees or leave on park benches.


Adhere to local social distancing rules; we respect science and will not compromise the safety of our communities. Once restrictions have lifted, rebels are encouraged to organise actions in their local groups to blast targeted areas in their communities with street art!

For Paint the Streets updates:


Paint the Streets messages will:

  • Tell the truth about the climate emergency
  • Challenge toxic cultures and mindsets
  • Imagine a better world
  • Inspire new rebels to take heart and join us

Here are some suggested phrases to use in your art (remember to include the XR hourglass wherever possible!):

  • Tell the truth
  • Another world is possible
  • Act NOW
  • Extinction Rebellion
  • Join the Rebellion

Need some more inspiration?

Check out the Paint the Streets Guide for tons more ideas, inspiration and instructions.

Or follow Paint the Streets on Instagram.