The Australian Extinction Crisis

Australia is one of the most uniquely biodiverse countries in the world. Most of our wildlife is found nowhere else on the planet, and yet – we are failing to protect it. 1 of 3 mammals that have gone extinct in the last 400 years were Australian. The signs of ecological collapse are all around us. The Great Barrier Reef is continuing to suffer back to back bleaching events, and is predicted to die off completely if we reach a 2C degree rise in global temperature.
Sydney flooded whilst it snowed in Victoria in late November 2018, and Queensland’s rainforests burned – shocking Aussie scientists.
Globally, we’ve lost 60% of all wildlife since 1970. Scientists have declared that the Sixth Mass Extinction is well under way, and – it’s human driven.

We live in a lucky country, but it’s only lucky for the few, and not the many.

Australia has built its economy on resource extraction, and in the last few decades, has shown no serious signs of slowing down, all whilst lining the pockets of the magnates who hoard Australia’s wealth. Of the OECD nations, Australia is the most vulnerable to climate change. Yet, we continue to clear ecosystems, mine and drill for coal and liquid natural gas, and emit at ever increasing rates.
Climate change will make droughts more intense, longer lasting, and more frequent. The same goes for heat waves, dangerous bushfires, extreme storms, and floods. Climate change is already affecting Australia. Seven of Australia’s ten warmest years have occurred since 2005. Summer days are expected to reach 50C degrees in major cities such as Melbourne and Sydney by mid century. And that’s bad news for the young and the elderly – as heat waves kill more people than other natural disasters.
Our government and media have failed to illustrate how dire the situation is for ordinary Australians. The habitability of our home is at risk.

Reimagining a Future for Australia

Climate change and ecological collapse are big, scary threats – but they also present amazing opportunities. What has ‘business as usual’ really done for you, and your family in the past decade? Wages stagnate, the cost of energy skyrockets, and food insecurity is becoming a major problem for Aussies struggling to make ends meet. Poorer Aussies, rural Aussies, and indigenous Aussies are suffering at the front lines of extraction. Mining, drilling, and land clearing is endangering the availability of water, the safety of the air we breathe, the ability of our land to produce food, and the unique ecosystems we depend on.

We can reimagine an Australia that looks after the majority, and halts the extinction crisis in its tracks. We can build an Australia that regenerates rather than exploits; an Australia that’s built to last.
We demand the Government tell us the truth about the crisis Australians face. We demand effective policy that engages ALL Australians to help us make a just transition towards a fairer, decarbonised future.

We are fighting for a healthy, equitable future in Australia. We are fighting for a future for life on earth. Are you with us?

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